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Teeth to tail: 6 stories about sharks this week

By Sophie Bertazzo

July 21, 2017
For Shark Week, dive into these six shark stories from around the world.
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Expedition to ‘island of sharks’ gathers hundreds of hours of new ocean data

By Monika Naranjo Gonzalez

January 23, 2017
Over 10 days, 18 scientists logged 310 dives in Cocos Island’s waters. Here’s what they found.
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Conservation Tools: Radar System Could be Instrumental in Protecting Sharks

By Marco Quesada, Ph.D.

August 8, 2014
The rangers of Cocos Island have their work cut out for them. This system will make all their jobs easier.
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Swimming with Sharks: The Pacific Voyagers Project

By Schannel van Dijken

May 14, 2012
CI-Samoa’s Schannel van Dijken continues his journey across the Pacific with a stop at Cocos Island.
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© Conservation International/photo by Mónika Naranjo González

To reach seamount expedition, the ride of a lifetime

By Dr. Greg Stone

February 23, 2012
Conservation International’s Greg Stone missed the boat to Cocos Island — but he has to get there somehow.
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