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Climate’s new leaders: 6 reasons for hope

By Shyla Raghav

June 1, 2017
With President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, a new group of leaders is leading the world forward on climate action.
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The trees that could make or break Mexico City’s future

By Molly Bergen

December 15, 2016
CI’s Jürgen Hoth talks air pollution, the illegal drug trade and why planting trees isn’t always the answer.
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© CI/photo by Russell A. Mittermeier

From the archives: How Brazil’s environmental decisions affect the world

By Ben Koses

August 4, 2016
With the Olympics unfolding in Rio, Brazil is a growing leader in shaping our world’s environmental future.
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In photos: From forest to mega-city, a river's journey

By Jessica Scranton

June 15, 2016
An Indonesian river is transformed as it winds downstream.
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What we’re reading: Ivory bans, solar subways

By Molly Bergen

June 10, 2016
News you might have missed from the world of conservation.
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