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How an accidental forest saved a village from a storm for the ages

By Molly Bergen

November 24, 2015
In coastal Philippines, local people are discovering that by protecting nature, they can protect themselves.
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4 things we’ve discovered from tagging Indonesia’s mantas

By Nicole Han

October 27, 2015
We’ve never known much about the ocean’s winged giants — until now.
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In storm-ravaged Philippines, motorcycle tires are vicious circle

By Molly Bergen

October 15, 2015
One everyday object’s complicated relationship with climate change.
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In search of tourist treasure, island chain banks on natural riches

By Asril Djunaidi

September 14, 2015
Will the Anambas Islands be the next Bali? Protecting the islands’ precious waters could be the first step.
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6 species ‘friendships’ that keep our planet healthy

By Cara Goldfarb

July 30, 2015
To celebrate the U.N.’s International Day of Friendship, a look at how some species work together to keep ecosystems running smoothly.
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