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5 Father’s Day cards for our favorite animal dads

© Jeff Gale

Last year on Father’s Day, Human Nature highlighted animal dads that go above and beyond.

From enduring freezing temperatures for months to traveling more than 100 miles to find water — even carrying newborns in their mouths to protect them from harm — these dads at least deserve a card.


  1. The sand grouse


“Dad, I’ve never seen you stop for directions (even though you fly 125 miles a day to bring me water — and avoid predators in the process). Happy Father’s Day to the most well-oriented dad around!”


  1. The golden lion tamarin


“Pop, Mom thinks you spend too much time at the gym — but I think it’s great. When you carried me on your back for five weeks straight, I told all of my friends that you had super strength. Happy Father’s Day to my favorite super hero!”


  1. The Asian arowana fish


“Hey Dad, thanks for not eating me. I know I’ve spent a lot of time right there in your mouth from when I was an egg to when I was a fry — and again whenever danger arises. Happy Father’s Day to my best protector!”


  1. The glass frog


“Daddy-o, they don’t call you the ‘ninja frog’ for no reason. You used your translucent skin to blend into your surroundings and protect me when I was a defenseless egg. When I grow up, I want to learn how to kick wasp-butt just like you. Happy Father’s Day to my very own Bruce Lee!”


  1. The emperor penguin


“Dad, you’re the best at keeping me warm. It can’t be easy — standing stock-still without eating for four months while balancing an egg on your feet so mom could regain her strength. Happy Father’s Day to the best radiator in the Antarctic!”

Morgan Lynch is a staff writer for Conservation International. Allie Tripp is a graphic designer for Conservation International. 


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