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News, views and features from the front lines of conservation

© Kyle Obermann

‘Earthshot Prize,’ Tasmanian devil return, Native American expertise: 3 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

October 12, 2020
In case you missed it: The Duke of Cambridge just launched the biggest environmental prize ever created, Tasmanian devils could help rebalance Australian forest ecosystems and Indigenous fire management techniques could help prevent severe wildfires in California.
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© Edgardo Ochoa

Meet a scientist: the scuba specialist

By Kiley Price

October 7, 2020
Conservation News spoke to Conservation International's marine and diving safety officer, Edgardo Ochoa, about his shark encounters, the dangers of decompression sickness and his passion to prevent a plastic-filled future for the world’s oceans.
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© Levi Norton

Greenland melting, warming nights, COVID and wildlife: 3 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

October 5, 2020
In case you missed it: The Earth’s northernmost ice sheet is melting at a record pace, research revealed that global warming is occurring at different rates in the daytime compared with the night in many areas and COVID-19 is having varying impacts on the world's wildlife.
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The "Friends of Environment Nature and Development Society" youth group making T-shirts — all with the message "Save the Sea Turtle."
© Keith A. Ellenbogen

How to talk to kids about climate change

By Shyla Raghav

September 30, 2020
Here are five tips to help you talk to your children about climate change.
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© Shawn Heinrichs

Climate Week commitments, beaver firefighters, carbon pledges: 3 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

September 28, 2020
In case you missed it: Businesses are stepping up as climate leaders by curbing greenhouse gas emissions, one rodent can have a profound impact on ecosystems affected by wildfires and the world’s largest emitter just committed to carbon neutrality by 2060.
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