3 Conservation Heroes to Admire This Earth Day

© Kyle Obermann

Since 1970, Earth Day has attempted to inspire people across the globe to become more aware of how humans impact our planet — and to take greater action to protect it.

Today I want to share the stories of three people who reveal that not all environmentalists look or act alike. Yet despite their different geographies and backgrounds, all have committed to do their part to protect the lands and waters that have sustained their communities for generations. And CI is helping them.

In these three short films produced by CI’s visual storytelling team, you’ll meet:

1. Joseph, leader of a team of field biologists who travels around Tanzania to collect data on ecosystem health with the goal of helping guide sustainable agricultural development in the country’s breadbasket.

2. Sophy, an entrepreneur who asked her husband to stop fishing illegally in Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake, which provides fish for millions of people in Southeast Asia.

3. Sydney, a member of Guyana’s Parliament — and the Macushi indigenous group — who has led the development of community-based tourism initiatives that provide local jobs and protect crucial forests.

These are three of CI’s conservation heroes — who are yours? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Molly Bergen is the senior managing editor of Human Nature.