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COP15 reaches ambitious plan for nature, now countries must accelerate action

By Mary Kate McCoy

December 20, 2022
In a powerful commitment to nature, nearly 200 countries have signed a sweeping agreement to protect a third of Earth’s land and oceans by 2030.
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2022 in review: Climate breakdown sharpens the focus on nature's solutions

By Vanessa Bauza

December 19, 2022
As 2022 draws to a close, Conservation News is revisiting some of our most significant stories of the year. In the face of growing climate disasters, Conservation International’s research and expertise is shining a light on a critical solution: nature.
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New science: Protecting even a small area can reap big benefits for people

By Mary Kate McCoy

December 15, 2022
Protecting nature starts with science. Here’s a roundup of recent scientific research published by Conservation International experts.
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News spotlight: Cities turn to nature to revive their rivers

By Mary Kate McCoy

December 12, 2022
In case you missed it: Around the world, rivers have been treated like repositories of trash and toxic runoff — some so heavily polluted that they caught on fire. Now, cities from Australia to Europe to North America are turning to nature to restore their waterways.
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What is the biodiversity COP and why does it matter?

By Mary Kate McCoy

December 7, 2022
In a once-in-a-decade opportunity, policymakers from 196 countries are gathering in Montreal to tackle Earth’s “silent crisis” — the massive collapse of biodiversity.
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