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Pope Francis reminds us: Protect our home

By Peter Seligmann

June 17, 2015
Could the Pope’s new environmental encyclical mark a turning point in how we care for the Earth?
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Connections and contradictions grow in Mexico’s ‘Water Forest’

By Molly Bergen

June 12, 2015
Mexico City needs this forest — but do we know how to save it?
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Dispatch from Atauro: Search for species raises more questions

By David Emmett

June 9, 2015
When it comes to species research on this small Timor-Leste island, this expedition was just the beginning.
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6 Signs of Hope For Our Blue World

By Sebastian Troëng, Ph.D.

June 8, 2015
Our oceans are in trouble — but new developments show there are signs of hope if we act soon.
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As Oceans Warm, Hazards and Hope for Coral Reefs

By Bruno Vander Velde

June 5, 2015
A remote strand of Pacific islands represents an “experiment” in how coral reefs can recover from widespread bleaching.
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