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Hawaiian Fish Camps Help Families Reconnect with Nature

By Kehau Springer

September 14, 2012
This summer, CI’s Hawai‘i Fish Trust conducted a series of camps designed to revive local interest in ocean management.
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Cambodian Conservation Center Helps Turtles, Draws Tourists

By Emmeline Johansen

September 12, 2012
A year ago, Conservation International and our partners launched the Mekong Turtle Conservation Center (MTCC) near the town of Kratie in northeastern Cambodia to support the conservation of the endangered Cantor’s giant soft-shell turtle (Pelochelys cantorii).
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Conservation Community Unites Under the Banner of Nature+

By Kristen Walker Painemilla

September 6, 2012
The World Conservation Congress is convening this week in Jeju, South Korea.
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Q&A with Kevin Iro, Rugby Player and Ocean Advocate

By Molly Bergen

August 29, 2012
Iro is the brains behind the Cook Islands Marine Park, which will be the world’s largest marine protected area.
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Water Shortages May Escalate Conflict Between Countries

By Lina Barrera

August 28, 2012
As climate change fuels droughts across the globe, we need a plan for managing water resources across borders.
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