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What you need to know about the Paris climate talks: 3 questions for Shyla Raghav

By Molly Bergen

November 16, 2015
A CI climate expert explains what’s at stake – and what to expect – from the highly anticipated U.N. climate meeting.
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The direct connection between nature, national security and you

By Peter Seligmann

November 13, 2015
Competition for increasingly scarce resources leads to conflict and even failed states — making support for international conservation programs all the more crucial.
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On the trail of the South Pacific’s great humpbacks

By Olive Andrews

November 12, 2015
A team of whale researchers makes some exciting discoveries in a place never before surveyed for marine mammals.
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Melting ice a ticking time bomb for Pacific islands

By Dr. Greg Stone

November 10, 2015
At current rates, sea-level rise will either submerge or make unlivable a host of islands within a century, maybe sooner — presenting a humanitarian crisis for vulnerable populations.
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‘Conservation province’ could generate sea change in Indonesia

By Bruno Vander Velde

November 5, 2015
The province of West Papua is creating a bold new model for more effective conservation throughout the Southeast Asian country. Can it work?
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