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© Kyle Obermann
© Gabriela Villanueva. Alto Beni, Bolivia

In Amazon, small towns are a force of nature

By Mary Kate McCoy

April 12, 2023
Years ahead of schedule, Bolivia has met an ambitious goal to protect 30 percent of its land — and that's thanks in large part to Amazonian towns and villages that are accelerating the pace and scale of conservation in the country.
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In ‘The Last of Us,’ a warning for future pandemics

By Mary Kate McCoy

April 11, 2023
In a recent New York Times op-ed, Conservation International pandemic prevention fellow Neil Vora explains how climate change is raising the risk of new health threats, including fungal pandemics, and argues that governments need to step up their preparations.
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© John Slaney. Sunset in Vanuatu.

From tiny nation, a ‘hallmark moment’ for climate justice

By Mary Kate McCoy

April 6, 2023
A small Pacific island nation is behind a landmark U.N. resolution that could hold carbon-polluting countries to account for failing to act on climate change. Conservation News explains what the resolution means and how it could advance climate justice.
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© Garrett Goto. Komodo National Park, Indonesia

3 things our experts loved in March

By Matthew Ribel

March 27, 2023
Conservation International is powered by 1,500 people in more than 30 countries — their interests, like their hometowns, are all over the map. In this monthly feature, we highlight three things that kept our experts busy while off the clock.
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© Rod Mast

Gordon Moore, digital pioneer and philanthropist, dies at 94

By Vanessa Bauza

March 25, 2023
Digital pioneer, business leader and philanthropist Gordon Moore died at his home in Hawaiʻi on March 24. While Moore was best known as a titan of the tech world, his contributions to the natural world were equally pathbreaking.
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