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To save the axolotl, Mexico looks to the past

By Bruno Vander Velde

December 6, 2023
A Mexico City lake and its canals are the only place on Earth where the axolotl lives. But over the years, it has been drained, polluted and crowded with predatory invasive species — severely endangering the salamander. A new effort aims to change that.
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In new TED talk, doctor prescribes conservation

By Vanessa Bauza

December 5, 2023
While it may seem unusual for a medical doctor to work for a conservation nonprofit, it's centered on a powerful premise: that human health and the protection of nature are inextricably linked.
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With new discovery, island nation turns page on a painful legacy

By Will McCarry

December 4, 2023
Scientists recently discovered a new species of gecko. As remarkable as that discovery was, it signified something more: a fresh approach to conservation in a nation historically marked by foreign intrusion and exploitation.
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Pacific island enacts bold new ocean protections

By Mary Kate McCoy

November 29, 2023
New Caledonia recently took a big step for ocean conservation by banning all industrial activities — such as fishing, mining and oil drilling — in 10 percent of its waters. The new protections safeguard marine habitats, as well as some of the healthiest coral reefs on Earth.
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‘Tis the season for gifts you can feel good about giving

By Mary Kate McCoy

November 28, 2023
Finding the perfect gift is hard. But don't stress — we’ve got your back. Conservation International’s 2023 gift guide is full of meaningful and unique items that give back to nature.
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