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There is a natural solution to the climate breakdown: protecting forests. Climate activist Greta Thunberg and writer/climate activist George Monbiot explain. 




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The film’s production costs were covered with sponsorship from Conservation International, The Food and Land Use Coalition, and a donation from Gower Street. Musician and performance artist Rone donated use of his track, Motion, to the film. Read the press release.


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We need nature

Want to fight climate change? Protect nature.

From mangroves to rainforests, grasslands to coral reefs, nature is a tool we can use to help reverse the climate breakdown.


What should we do?




Where nature is doing something vital – like sequestering carbon or shielding against storm surges – we must protect it.



Nature can regenerate itself, if we give it the opportunity. Give it space, but lend a hand where we can.



Prioritize the funding of projects that restore nature, not ones that destroy it.



From George Manbiot and Greta Thunberg, Nature Now:

There's a magic machine that sucks carbon dioxide out of the air, costs very little, and builds itself: a tree

We spend 1,000 times more on fossil fuel subsidies than we do on nature-based solutions to climate change

Nature-based solutions receive only 2% of funding to tackle the climate breakdown


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