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    Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and presented in stunning virtual reality, “My Africa” transports viewers to an elephant sanctuary in Kenya, where a community is reknitting the bonds that have long enabled people and wildlife to coexist.

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    Africa — Continent at a Crossroads​

    Africa is the last continent on Earth where significant numbers of the world’s largest land mammals still roam free. But its lands are under threat, in large part due to rapid, unchecked development, land degradation and climate change. Smart, sustainable use of Africa’s “natural capital” — its forests, fresh water, soil and wildlife — is crucial to both reverse the continent’s trend of scarcity and provide economic growth for its people.

    For Africa’s people to thrive, development across the continent must be made sustainable. But numerous challenges remain.

    A Land Under Threat

    Wildlife Trafficking
    Tens of thousands of African elephants are poached annually for their ivory. Beyond the loss of wildlife, poaching robs Africa of its economic prosperity and has been linked to organized criminal networks.
    Rangeland Degradation
    Grasslands, savannas and woodlands are vital to the livelihoods of some 100 million African farmers and herders, but increased desertification, soil erosion and invasive vegetation threaten the health of these landscapes.
    Climate Change
    By 2020, up to 250 million Africans will suffer increased water stress due to climate change, and rain-fed agriculture yields will decline by 50 percent.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Community-Driven Conservation Is the Answer

    Loijipu, a rescued rhino at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Northern Kenya
    © CI/photo by Melina Formisano

    In Africa, the future of humanity is tied to wildlife, and Conservation International is committed to working directly with local communities so that protecting nature also protects their livelihoods. Only then can Africa meet its many challenges and drive economic prosperity for indigenous peoples and local communities across the continent.

    Conservation International helped launch Kenya’s Reteti Elephant Sanctuary — the first community-owned and operated elephant sanctuary in Africa. Reteti rescues injured and orphaned elephants with the aim of returning them to the wild, and supports local employment, education and security. Our engagement helped fund local wildlife rangers to combat elephant poaching in Kenya’s sprawling Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, strengthening security for wildlife and the local Samburu people with the goal of establishing a model of sustainable community-based conservation at an unprecedented level in Kenya and beyond.

    And It Isn’t Just Africa

    The key to stimulating successful development around the world is to implement nature-based programs that benefit people and wildlife. We hope you’ll join us.


    Around the world, we work with local communities to protect the nature we all need to survive. Your donation will provide general support to Conservation International's critical conservation work.


    Journey beyond Conservation International’s MY AFRICA 360 Film to discover a unique interactive Location Based VR experience - as you care for Dudu, the newest arrival at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. You will create a rare and lasting connection with a precious animal, while learning more about a conservation story of hope happening in Northern Kenya.

    A New VR Experience

    Journey beyond Conservation International’s “My Africa” 360 film to discover a unique, tactile and interactive location-based VR experience as you care for Dudu, the newest arrival at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. “My Africa: Elephant Keeper” will enable you to experience a rare connection with a precious animal while learning more about a conservation story unfolding in northern Kenya.

    Vision3 and Conservation International created this experience to take virtual reality to the next level. The participant is able to move around in a photorealistic environment and provide care to a baby elephant – including feeding it milk, wetting its ears and listening to its heartbeat. “My Africa: Elephant Keeper” aims to educate — and to create a lasting impact.

    Watch Elephant Keeper »