Chris Burkard visits the Aleutian Islands

Chris Burkard, adventure photographer, explorer, author and Conservation International photography fellow, strives to capture images that shed light on humanity's relationship with nature.

Earlier this year, Burkard took his camera to the Alaskan Peninsula, where he spent three days in a twin-engine plane overlooking the remote Aleutian Islands, a string of volcanically active islets that boast some of North America's most spectacular scenery. But beneath the veneer of snow-capped beauty, a troubling trend is at work. Thanks to rising water levels, thawing permafrost and overfishing, many of the islands' 5,000 residents have already been forced to relocate to the mainland — and more could soon follow. As climate change erodes the coastline, reducing and reshaping the landscape, the future of the Aleutian Islands and their inhabitants remains uncertain.


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