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    Last October, Conservation International asked a simple question: If nature speaks, will humans listen? The answer is a resounding, worldwide yes.

    HP pledged $1 to CI for every use, click, share, like or favorite of the #NatureIsSpeaking hashtag on key social media platforms, up to $1 million. And in just 7 months, we hit our goal — thanks to YOU.

    From around the globe, you posted about your connection to nature on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube — sharing #NatureIsSpeaking and changing the conversation about nature happening online.

    Like you, HP is listening to nature. Over the past two years, HP has been working with CI to support the TEAM Network by using the company's big data technology and expertise to create an early warning system for threatened species. HP technology is also helping CI listen to the conversation happening on social media, so we can see how nature's message is spreading across the globe.

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