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    EditHeader:World Oceans Day
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    EditSection Title:‘Every living thing here needs me. I’m the source.’
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      EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_23288487.jpg
      EditImage Description:Jellyfish with conical warts cover dome

      The ocean — colossal, mysterious and indomitable — is the origin and the engine of all life on this planet. And it needs our help.

      Our oceans face a rising tide of threats to their health, from climate change to pollution to overfishing. These threats imperil the ocean’s ability to sustain our lives — threats that we alone have the power to stop.

      On World Oceans Day, Conservation International is spotlighting the hazards and hopes for our oceans. How can you help? Eat only sustainable seafood. Reduce your consumption of plastic. And help us to continue our groundbreaking, global work to safeguard the seas that sustain us.

      The ocean is speaking. Conservation International is listening. Will you join us?

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      EditNewsletter Message:Get the latest updates on our oceans — and the rest of CI’s important conservation work — delivered to your inbox.
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      EditNewsletter Confirmation Message Text:We can't protect the planet without your support​
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      EditDonate Message:​​To do this, we need you. Make a gift today to support CI's global conservation work.
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      EditDonate Button Link:http://getinvolved.conservation.org/site/Donation2?df_id=11420&11420.donation=form1
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      EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_63002536_Medium.jpg
      EditImage Alt Text:The Society Islands of French Polynesia. Although only 3% of the ocean is currently covered by marine protected areas, this kind of marine management is catching on.
      EditCaption Title:6 Signs of Hope For Our Blue World
      EditCaption Description:We need significant action to secure ocean health and prosperity for the people that depend on it. But, there are several recent developments that shows we can put oceans on a path to recovery.
      EditRead More Link:http://blog.conservation.org/2015/06/6-signs-of-hope-for-our-blue-world/[Optional]
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      EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_45949530_Medium.jpg
      EditImage Alt Text:Massive coral bleaching in Thousand Islands, Jakarta, Indonesia © Lasti Kurnia/Marine Photobank
      EditCaption Title:As Oceans Warm, Hazards and Hope for Coral Reefs
      EditCaption Description:Coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian oceans are showing early signs of suffering a mass bleaching event that was forecast earlier this year, experts say.
      EditRead More Link:http://blog.conservation.org/2015/06/as-oceans-warm-hazards-and-hope-for-coral-reefs/[Optional]
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      EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_16084886.jpg
      EditImage Alt Text:A view of the ocean its richness of corals from Viti Levu, Fiji. © William Crosse
      EditCaption Title:The Ocean
      EditCaption Description:Learn why it is important and what you can do.
      EditRead More Link:http://www.conservation.org/what/pages/oceans.aspx[Optional]​
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      EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_30526013_Medium.jpg
      EditImage Alt Text:Colorful Reeftop and Snorkelers
      EditCaption Title:Ocean Health Index
      EditCaption Description:Learn how this important tool can measure ocean health, year after year.
      EditRead More Link:http://www.conservation.org/projects/Pages/Ocean-Health-Index.aspx[Optional]
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      EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_63002536_Medium.jpg
      EditImage Alt Text:An aerial view of Bora Bora
      EditCaption Title:The Pacific Oceanscape
      EditCaption Description:The Pacific Oceanscape is four times the size of the United States and enormously important to all our lives.
      EditRead More Link:http://www.conservation.org/where/pages/pacific-oceanscape.aspx[Optional]
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      EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_87353676.jpg
      EditImage Alt Text:Fisherman cast a net to catch fish
      EditCaption Title:Recovering small-scale fisheries
      EditCaption Description:More about CI's important work recovering small-scale fisheries, which employ 90% of the world's fishermen.
      EditRead More Link:http://www.conservation.org/projects/pages/Recovering-Small-scale-Fisheries-in-the-Eastern-Tropical-Pacific-Seascape-etps.aspx[Optional]
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