Natja Igney: Why I Give


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      Natja Igney lives with the Mediterranean Sea at her front door. “I marvel at its beauty and bounty every day,” she says. “But looking at it is not enough. We need to preserve it.”

      A resident of Nice, France, Natja has worked and traveled across several continents as a communications consultant which also included years of deep involvement in environmental causes. Those experiences have inspired her support for CI. “There is hardly a more pressing cause in the world than the protection and conservation of our marine and terrestrial environment,” she notes. “Our welfare on every level, from climate stability to food security and world peace, depends on it in more ways than are immediately obvious. I’m passionate about that cause, and I want to share it with the people around me.”

      In Natja’s case, those people include two children “very dear to my heart, Mathis (12) and Thia (7), the children of my very good friend, actor/director Marc Duret.”

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      EditQuote Text (Do not add quotation marks):Instead of yet another toy or gadget, I can give something meaningful — a stable future, a safe tomorrow.
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      Last Christmas, Natja made a donation to CI in the names of Mathis and Thia. “Instead of yet another toy or gadget, I can give something meaningful — a stable future, a safe tomorrow,” she explains. “And secondly, it’s a teaching opportunity to talk about why the environment matters to them.

      “If I think ahead — and that's only one generation ahead, to the time when Mathis and Thia will be adults — there is a real danger that greed and exploitation will have destabilized that equilibrium of nature, with grave consequences for the entire planet. CI helps on a local level, right where it's needed the most, by educating and applying leverage to limit current and prevent future abuse.”

      Natja chose CI “not only because of its meaningful and important work, but also because it's a well-managed organization which truly cares about its cause as much as about its stakeholders and donors.” She’s showing how the environmental consciousness she shares with her loved ones can have a ripple effect, far beyond her front door.

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