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Our impact

Field Projects

At Conservation International, we work on the ground with partners in more than 30 countries. Our scientists are getting their hands dirty to prove our belief that human prosperity, now and in the future, depends on nature. Their work is serving as an example for everyone, from businesses to governments to other scientists, who must protect nature for the benefit of us all.

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Working with Corporations

We are working to change the way the world does business. We have actively engaged with companies that have​​​ the biggest impacts for 30 years to help them become better stewards of the environment — and to show them that protecting the planet can positively impact their bottom lines. In doing so, we’re preserving the benefits such as fresh air and clean water ​that we all receive from nature.

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Partnering with Communities

Indigenous peoples and local communities are often stewards of biodiversity on their ancestral lands and waters, using their deep traditional knowledge to manage and maintain these landscapes.

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Respecting Human Rights in Conservation

Studies have found that when indigenous people are given rights to govern their land, biodiversity increases and more trees remain standing. Conservation efforts that neglect to take these rights into account, however, place individuals and communities at risk of losing their livelihoods and cultural identities.

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Science and Innovation

Conservation International has developed a number of innovative scientific tools and models that enable us to make the links between nature and human well-being critical to protecting the planet and ensuring our long-term health and prosperity.

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Investing in Nature

Alongside our ​partners, we’re establishing endowments that fund protected areas. We’re helping to relieve countries of their debts in exchange for investments in important ecosystems. And we channel funds to partner organizations around the world — so they can find innovative ways to make conservation happen.

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Working with Governments

Nature’s ability to meet our needs for food, water, energy and other essential services for human well-being requires sound government policy and smart funding decisions. Governments around the world have adopted policies to protect wildlife, land, fresh water, air and marine resources.

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