SWOT Report � The State of the World's Sea Turtles, Vol. IV

SWOT Report � the State of the World�s Sea Turtles is a unique annual magazine dedicated to furthering worldwide sea turtle conservation. Produced through a partnership led by Conservation International, the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group, and Duke University, SWOT Report�s rich educational content is generated by SWOT�s extensive global network of collaborators � the SWOT Team � and is designed to harness the group�s collective power by highlighting its success stories, innovations, and new findings.

Each year, SWOT Report is distributed back to the SWOT Team members who helped create it, free of charge, for use in their own local outreach campaigns in communities where sea turtles nest, forage, and migrate. SWOT Report, Vol. IV includes articles on a variety of topics ranging from sea turtle research and science, outreach and action, to policy and economics.

The volume features the first-ever map of global flatback nesting data, genetic stocks, and in-water distribution, a foreword by CI supporter Stone Gossard, and striking images by some of today�s most renowned wildlife photographers.

Download SWOT Report � The State of the World's Sea Turtles, Vol. IV (PDF � 3.94 MB) and find out more about the SWOT initiative by visiting http://www.SeaTurtleStatus.org.

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