Seascapes Guidebook

How to Select, Develop and Implement Seascapes

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The Global Marine Division announces the launch of The Seascapes Guidebook: How to Select, Develop and Implement Seascapes.

As part of both the Coral Triangle Initiative and Seascape Program this guidebook directly answers a need identified by the governments of the of the six countries of the Coral Triangle Initiative: Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste to provide guidance in the implementation of the Seascapes concept.

It is also more widely applicable to inform seascape-scale work across the globe. Utilizing over six years of experiences and lessons learned from eight seascapes supported by either Conservation International (CI) or Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), CI worked with its partners create a process to identify candidate Seascapes, select Seascapes for investment, and develop management strategies for selected Seascapes.

DOWNLOAD: The Seascapes Guidebook, How to Select, Develop and Implement Seascapes (PDF - 11 MB)
DOWNLOAD: An Introduction to the Seascapes Approach (PDF - 8 MB)

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