Rupununi: Rediscovering a Lost World

Guyana's northern Rupununi � one of the last great wilderness areas on the planet � is a biological treasure trove with a level of species richness on par with that of western Amazonia. Since the seventeenth century when Sir Walter Raleigh was convinced that the Rupununi was the location of the mythical El Dorado, this remarkable area has captured the imaginations of explorers and naturalists.

Despite its striking landscapes, unique collection of ecosystems, and abundant and unusual wildlife, interest in the Rupununi has waned over the last thirty years. One of the aims of this book is to reintroduce the Rupununi to the world at large, allowing readers to rediscover an extraordinary "lost world".

Biologist Graham Watkins and award-winning photographers Pete Oxford and Renee Bish have created an engaging and colorful portrait of the Rupununi � the first book of its kind on Guyana. The informative text and accompanying photographs detail the geology, biodiversity, and people; provide an understanding of the values of the area, and underline compelling reasons to ensure the conservation of this unique place in a rapidly changing world.

2010. ISBN: 9780984168644.

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