Primates of Colombia Field Guide

Colombia is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world due to its rich and varied flora and fauna and is superceded only by Brazil and Peru in terms of primate diversity. This field guide illustrates and describes 28 primate species comprising 43 different taxa, 15 of these taxa being endemic (found nowhere else) to Colombia. It is a compilation of all primate field work done on Colombian primates both in and out of country and has quickly become an important tool for young primatologists to establish research priorities for study. The field guide also includes chapters on primate classification, fossil history, zoogeography, conservation, and phylogeny and is a first step towards the necessary conservation of this beautiful group of animals.



About the Author
Tom Defler is a primatologist who has spent the last 28 years in the Orinoco and Amazonian regions of Colombia, focusing his studies on the ecology and conservation of primate species in these two regions of the country. His research began in 1976 with INDERENA of the Ministry of Agriculture (now superceded by the Ministry of the Environment) studying Colombian flora and fauna. He established two research stations, Capar� Biological Station and Ecological Station Om�. Defler has written more than 60 publications on diverse aspects of ecology, primate taxonomy and natural history. He is currently Professor at the Instituto Amaz�nico de Investigaciones, at the National University of Colombia in Leticia.

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