Indigenous Peoples and Conservation: From Rights to Resource Management

The purpose of this book is to document case studies from across the globe that will cover the diverse approaches that indigenous peoples and their partners have taken to achieve territorial rights, conserve biodiversity and improve their livelihoods.

The book also discusses the major issues facing indigenous people and conservation groups, and the enormous challenges they face to obtaining long-term success. The authors include indigenous peoples and organizations, conservation practitioners and academia, providing as such a wide array of perspectives, perceptions, and realities to local contexts and situations.

The book is divided into four sections, addressing the themes of Human Rights and Conservation, Natural Resources Management, Traditional Knowledge and Innovative Approaches. While the themes of the book are interrelated, all are underpinned by the urgent need for the conservation of nature and natural resources and support for livelihood development of indigenous peoples. The division of the book provides the opportunity to look at similar case studies and different approaches, albeit in a small sample of the extraordinary cultural and biological diversity that is so massively threatened worldwide.

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      Indigenous Peoples; Resource Management; Biodiversity; Natural Resources