Hotspots Revisited

Hotspots Revisited is the fourth volume in a series produced by Conservation International in collaboration with CEMEX, the Mexican NGO Agrupacion Sierra Madre, and the University of Virginia. Like its three predecessors, Megadiversity (1997), Hotspots (1999), and Wilderness (2002), it is richly illustrated with over 300 photographs by some of the world�s most outstanding wildlife photographers and has contributions from more than 200 scientific experts from around the world.



This new book presents the results of a four year re-analysis of the biodiversity hotspots, which originally appeared in the original Hotspots book in 1999, and provides updated information, and refines and reconfigures the hotspots boundaries. Hotspots Revisited identifies 34 regions worldwide, increased from the original 25 in the 1999 study, where 75 percent of the planet�s most threatened mammals, birds, and amphibians survive within habitat covering just 2.3 percent of the Earth�s surface.



New to the updated book is the inclusion of information on freshwater fishes for all hotspots, data on the number of genera and families occurring in and endemic to the hotspots, threats to hotspots and data for Critically Endangered and Endangered terrestrial vertebrates according to the IUCN�s Red List of Threatened Species.



Hotspots Revisited provides stronger evidence than ever before of the fundamental role that the hotspots play in global biodiversity conservation and reaffirms the importance of the biodiversity hotspots concept.



About the Authors


Russell A. Mittermeier is a primatologist and President of Conservation International; Patricio Robles Gil is President of the Mexican NGO Agrupacion Sierra Madre; Michael Hoffman and John Pilgrim are both Biodiversity Analysts in the Conservation Synthesis Department at Conservation International; Thomas Brooks is Senior Director of the Conservation Synthesis Department at Conservation International; Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier is a marine biologist and professional photographer; John Lamoreux is a Ph.D. student in Environmental Science at the University of Virginia; and Gustavo A.B. da Fonseca is Executive Vice President of Conservation International.

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