Fresh Water: The essence of life

Fresh Water: The Essence of Life is a beautifully and sometimes starkly depicted look at the current state of Earth's freshwater ecosystems. A variety of authors, as well as dozens of the world's most accomplished photogoraphers, tell us a story we may feel uncomfortable hearing: Earth's freshwater supply and systems are in serious peril. We may carry on as if it was "business as usual", but to do so is at our own risk. It will lead certainly to the detriment of the generations to follow.

The latest publication in the CEMEX Conservation Book Series will alert readers to key issues concerning freshwater: its resources, its uses (and abuses), and its future. With precise scientific analysis, Freshwater: The Essence of Life presents a detailed and thoughtful explanation of these issues and discusses possible resolutions to them.

Throughout the pages of this volume, the reader will be challenged to not only understand the significance of deteriorating fresh waters, but will also be motivated to rally support in political, biogeographical, and conservation forums.

Available in English and Spanish versions:
English ISBN: 978-0-9841686-2-0
Spanish ISBN: 978-0-9841686-9-9

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