Blue Frontiers: Managing the environmental costs of aquaculture

Stephen J. Hall, Anne Delaporte, Michael J. Phillips, Malcolm Beveridge, and Mark O'Keefe

This comprehensive analysis of the environmental impact of the world's major aquaculture production systems and species was released by WorldFish Center and Conservation International.

This is the first global analysis of the ecological impact of seafood farming, an industry that has grown rapidly over the past 50 years and now provides half the seafood consumed worldwide. The ecological impact of aquaculture is compared by species, method, and country. It is also compared to other sources of protein and nutrition. The findings of this report serve as the guide for policy in the future.

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Policy Brief

Preferred Citation: Hall, S.J., A. Delaporte, M. J. Phillips, M. Beveridge and M. O'Keefe. 2011. Blue Frontiers: Managing the Environmental Costs of Aquaculture. The WorldFish Center, Penang, Malaysia.