Seascapes Workshops

The aim of the Seascapes Workshops is to identify and communicate the successes and lessons learned by the Seascapes, measures for success, opportunities for scaling up Seascapes and for demonstrating the linkages between marine biodiversity and human well-being. These documents represent the final reports of the workshops.


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About the Seascapes Program

CI’s Seascapes Program promotes comprehensive marine management at a scale that can produce significant marine conservation outcomes and human well-being benefits. The Seascape vision aims to improve the stewardship of the abundance and diversity of fish and other marine wildlife in the Seascapes as well as using the experience and example of the Seascapes as global policy models.

Successfully addressing ocean degradation and the global threats to marine biodiversity will require planning and implementing Seascapes – large management regimes that span across regions and ecosystems – to ensure sustainable resource use, and maintain the ecosystem health and services upon which humanity depend.

So far, CI’s Seascape Program has major investments in:

CI and other organizations are actively promoting Seascapes to expand conservation and marine stewardship and to encourage large scale investments at national and international levels.

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      EditImage Description:Local fishermen launch their boat at Valu Beach, in Nino Konis Santana National Park. � World Wildlife Fund, Inc. / Matthew Abbott
      EditText:One illustrative example is the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) in which six governments (Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor L�Este) have come together to promote coral reefs, fisheries and food security. Priority Seascapes have been identified as one of the five CTI outcomes and CI is committed to supporting the governments� pursuit of the CTI outcomes in collaboration with our partners TNC and WWF. In the future, CI and its partners may seek to replicate and amplify the CTI model in other marine priority regions around the world.
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