The Conservation Status of Gibbons in Vietnam, 2011

This conservation status review of gibbons in Vietnam attempts to assess trends in the populations of each gibbon species in Vietnam and the effectiveness of efforts so far to conserve them. The review is part of a broader set of initiatives in this region which include action plans in both Laos and Yunnan Province, China, giving a regional context.

Records of gibbons were collected from all sites in Vietnam known to have gibbons and where information can be assessed to be reliable. With so much more work carried out on gibbons during the past ten years, this report provides a clearer snapshot of the status of gibbons in Vietnam than was possible before.

While gibbons are afforded the highest level of legal protection as species in Vietnam, awareness of this fact by the general public and even government staff is very low and law enforcement is so weak as to render their legal status almost irrelevant.

Conservation needs include:

  • Raising awareness of the general public, local government and local communities
  • Improved law enforcement both to tackle wildlife trade and hunting in forests
  • Improved forest management
  • Participation of local communities in conservation

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Preferred Citation:

Rawson, B. M, Insua-Cao, P., Nguyen Manh Ha, Van Ngoc Thinh, Hoang Minh Duc, Mahood, S., Geissmann, T. and Roos, C. 2011. The Conservation Status of Gibbons in Vietnam. Fauna & Flora International/Conservation International, Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam     Primates; Gibbons