Comparison of Approaches to Management of Large Marine Areas

Five years ago, CI – with support from numerous partners – started work in three main Seascapes. CI recently commissioned this independent analysis to help us understand the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to managing large-scale marine areas.

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WEBSITE: Fauna & Flora International compares marine management approaches

This intriguing report identifies ways organizations can work together and learn from each others’ experiences by providing interesting regional case studies for support.

Although the report was commissioned by CI, the views expressed are those of the authors. The authors particularly commend the remarkable delivery of outcomes in the Seascapes, and praise their emphasis on ”the development of sustainable, multi-level governance,“ while warning against the model ”reverting to a narrower focus on MPAs“ and noting the need to address local ownership of resources.

We encourage readers to explore our findings, provide feedback and join the debate.

DOWNLOAD: Comparison of Approaches to Management of Large Marine Areas (PDF - 2.04 MB)

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