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EditPhoto Title:The Alliance for Global Water Adaptation
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EditImage Description:Charity Tetteh pumps water as the sun goes down in Okwabena, Ghana.
EditPhoto Credit:© Benjamin Drummond
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More than 850,000 dams operate around the world, and developing nations are rapidly constructing more. Can we reduce poverty and protect ecosystems while building needed water infrastructure?

Water infrastructure can last decades, even centuries. The impacts of a bad dam on ecosystems and vulnerable communities can be permanent, so the risks for building poor infrastructure are very high. How do we manage water resources to reduce poverty, develop economies and sustain ecosystems, particularly as climate change shifts water conditions over a dam’s lifetime?

The Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA), hosted by Conservation International and the World Bank, helps decision-makers manage water sustainably over the long term. AGWA experts collect and distribute new knowledge from development banks, the private sector, governments and non-governmental organizations.

Our role

CI’s role is twofold: We help guide and manage the overall process of defining new approaches and methodologies, and we also provide a vision of how dynamic, healthy ecosystems can co-exist with developing economies.

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    Edit Item Text:AGWA engages at both global policy levels and with major government, donor and private sector investors in water management. Globally, we aim to enable healthier tradeoffs between growth and natural resources. For investors in water infrastructure, we want to provide clear decision-making pathways through the development of the AGWA Decision Support System (DSS). The DSS represents a major shift in holistic thinking about long-term sustainable water management that can be used by many levels of decision-makers and water managers.
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    Edit Item Text:CI and AGWA experts collect and distribute new knowledge from development banks, the private sector, governments and non-governmental organizations. We also aim to promote the best practices that can make climate adaptation a functional reality.
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    EditQuote Text (Do not add quotation marks):We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.
    EditQuote Attribution:Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732
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    Edit Section Heading: Why We Need Dams — and a Sustainable Path Forward
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    Edit Image Alt Text: Potential dam site on the Beni River in Bolivia. Although dams currently supply people all over the world with power, they can also have serious negative impacts on ecosystems. © CI/photo by Bailey Evans
    Edit Text: We cannot talk about conservation or sustainable development without also talking about where to locate, how to build and how to operate dams.
    Read the blog »
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    Edit Photo Credit: © CI/photo by Bailey Evans
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    EditTitle:Fresh water
    EditImage Alt Text:Udzungwa National Park provides the communities that surround it with clean drinking water. © Benjamin Drummond

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    EditTitle:Working with Governments
    EditImage Alt Text:Flags from all over the world. © Brasil2

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    EditTitle:The Mekong Region
    EditImage Alt Text:Woman rows to a floating market in the Mekong region. © Amir Jina