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Comprehensive Policy & Partnerships

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We cannot protect nature alone. Meeting today’s environmental challenges requires the combined resources and ingenuity of multiple sectors, public and private. Conservation International brings together partners at all levels — from executive suites to community centers — to provide funding, training and technical expertise needed to make smart, collaborative policy.


Innovating with Business

Conservation International is working to change the way the world does business. We work across industries with large and small companies to minimize their environmental impacts and become better stewards of nature.

Our work with corporations

Partnering with communities

Threats like deforestation, overfishing and climate change are undermining the ability of communities around the world to protect the very habitats that provide everyone with food, water and clean air. Conservation International connects communities to funding, training and technology — because protecting nature also protects livelihoods.

Working with communities

Working with governments

Conservation International serves as a trusted advisor to local, regional and national governments around the world. Our data, methods and tools assist governments in understanding the value of oceans, forests, croplands, water supplies and wildlife populations, and help to inform actions necessary to protect these vital natural resources.

Partnering to affect policy


Partnerships in action


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