Conservation International Statement on New Chinese Biodiversity Commitments

October 12, 2021

President Xi Jinping announced the new measures on Tuesday 

Kunming, China (October 12, 2021) – Conservation International Chief Executive Officer M. Sanjayan today released this statement following Chinese President Xi Jinping’s announcement at the UN Biodiversity Conference (CBD COP 15) of a ¥1.5 billion (US$ 230 million) fund to protect biodiversity in developing countries:   

“China’s announcement of the Kunming Biodiversity Fund and its initial investment today will provide a much-needed boost for the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. If implemented as planned, China’s expansion of its national parks and renewable energy systems will issue a powerful call for other world leaders to do the same during CBD COP 15 — now and for Part 2 in April 2022 — and over the coming decade.  

“The unprecedented global biodiversity crisis is finally being understood and appreciated as the twin counterpart to the climate crisis, which is increasingly affecting all life on Earth. We cannot solve one of these challenges without also solving the other. This week’s High-Level Segment in Kunming will set the stage for the UN climate talks in just three weeks, so success at this conference is critical — and will require big changes and ambitious commitments from governments around the world.  

“The post-2020 framework must recognize nature’s role in meeting human needs. This means we must embrace both sustainable economic development and environmental protection to conserve the landscapes most important for human well-being. Conservation International’s work mapping critical natural assets in these landscapes can inform the development of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.” 


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