Conservation International and Climate Week NYC to Showcase Investments in Nature as Climate Action and Climate Justice

July 27, 2021

New York, NY (July 27, 2021) – Conservation International and Climate Week NYC are joining forces to showcase investments in nature as “climate action and climate justice,” the two organizations announced today. The effort will reveal how high-quality, nature-based solutions – private sector and government investments in nature that protect, restore and improve management of carbon-rich forests – are helping some of the world’s most vulnerable communities transform their local economies, while reducing global emissions.

Investments in carbon-dense ecosystems - like mangroves and other forests - can provide at least 30 percent of the total emissions reductions needed to meet Paris Climate Agreement goals. Done right, they can also help diversify local economies, improve rural livelihoods and support health and educational services in Indigenous and local communities – the very communities most disproportionately impacted by the climate emergency and the economic turmoil of COVID-19. 

For example, carbon projects in the Alto Mayo rainforest of Peru and in Kenya’s Chyulu Hills have reduced deforestation and helped local communities remain resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The co-benefits of protecting and conserving nature extend to wildlife as well. Climate change and biodiversity loss are two of the greatest challenges we face and investing in solutions that support both create the biggest returns.

“Climate Week NYC is proud to partner with Conservation International for the Nature Program. They have been leading the fight against the climate crisis through nature-based solutions and protecting critical ecosystems, work that’s imperative to drive climate action across the board. Together, we can showcase the sustainable investments in nature needed to create a prosperous and just future for all,” said Helen Clarkson, CEO, Climate Group.

“Investments in nature provide immediate climate action for the global community, and climate justice for some of the world’s most vulnerable local communities,” said Dr. M. Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International. “These investments reduce global emissions from deforestation – the second leading cause of climate change – and help usher in an economic transformation we need to see long-term sustainability, one that finally values nature left standing over nature felled. We are excited to join with Climate Week NYC to detail these win-win-win solutions for climate, people and nature.”

Conservation International is organizing events that show what high-quality, nature-based solutions look like for climate and people, and how they can guide governments, businesses, individuals, NGOs and local communities in collaborating to bring out a more just and sustainable future.

This year’s Climate Week NYC theme centers around “Getting it Done” and will focus on fulfilling and increasing commitments made by businesses, governments and organizations. Last year, the week was host to over 500 events, touching on various topics such as sustainable tourism, nature-based solutions, clean energy and more. Climate Week NYC 2021 will continue to build on those program themes and ensure that protecting, restoring and improving the management of forests, agricultural lands and wetlands while safeguarding biodiversity, food and livelihoods will be integral parts of the Getting it Done” agenda.

Climate Week NYC is scheduled to take place September 20-26 with a combination of in-person events and virtual keynotes, panels and other events over the remainder of the week to ensure global inclusivity amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.



About Climate Week NYC
Climate Week NYC is the time and place where the world gathers to showcase amazing climate action and discuss how to do more. Run by the international non-profit Climate Group, in partnership with the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and the City of New York, Climate Week NYC annually brings together voices from across the spectrum to debate and implement climate action now.  

About Conservation International
Conservation International works to protect the critical benefits that nature provides to people. Through science, partnerships and fieldwork, Conservation International is driving innovation and investments in nature-based solutions to the climate crisis, supporting protections for critical habitats, and fostering economic development that is grounded in the conservation of nature. Conservation International works in 30 countries around the world, supporting societies at all levels to create a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet. Follow Conservation International's work on Conservation NewsFacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.