Statement from Conservation International: Applauds President Biden’s recognition of climate change as foreign policy priority

January 27, 2021

Arlington, Va. (Jan. 27, 2021) – Today, Conservation International released the following statements in response to President Biden’s executive actions recognizing climate change and the conservation of nature as administration priorities:

“Conservation International applauds President Biden for the immediate and bold steps taken today in the fight against climate change,” said James Roth, Conservation International SVP for Global Policy. “Elevating climate change as a core national security and foreign policy priority rightfully brings into focus the risks caused by farmland degradation, deforestation, and biodiversity loss. These and other consequences of rising temperatures bring population upheaval and, ultimately, political instability and armed conflict.  United States security and foreign policy officials can now begin working with allies and impacted countries to counter this threat.”

 “Moreover, President Biden’s action today to support the global movement to conserve 30 percent of land and 30 percent of sea by 2030 sends a powerful message that the United States recognizes the essential role a healthy planet plays in our own survival. Thriving ecosystems are key to our health, livelihoods and future. We must especially reverse the loss of nature in places that provide essential services for people,” said Lina Barrera, Conservation International Vice President for International Policy. “We have a long way to go to meet this goal but there has been progress. Collaboration is key and U.S. leadership’s adoption of this ambitious target adds important momentum to a global movement working to protect nature for people.” 



About Conservation International
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