Global Wildlife Photographers Launch Effort to Raise Funds for Nature Amid COVID-19

November 5, 2020

Arlington, Va. (November 5, 2020) – The collapse in tourism – and economies – wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic is devastating wildlife and conservation efforts across the globe. The new campaign, Prints For Nature,, created by National Geographic Photographer Ami Vitale, features stunning photography donated by 85 world renowned photographers who have come together to help raise funds desperately needed to respond to the crisis.

Sales from the new Prints for Nature campaign will support Conservation International’s on-the-ground work to protect forests, oceans and biodiversity for people. Photographers contributing to the project include the extraordinary work of Academy Award-winning director and photographer Jimmy Chin, Emmy Award winning Beverly Joubert, the head of The National Geographic Photo Ark project, a 25-year effort to document 12,000 species, Joel Sartore and National Geographic photographers and explorers including Ami Vitale, Steve Winter, David Guttenfelder, Brent Stirton, Charlie Hamilton James, David Doubilet, and many more who have exhibited their work in galleries around the world.

“The initiative was inspired by a desire to face the current challenges of the pandemic as well as the impacts it is having on both wildlife and the communities protecting it. We no longer have time to wait. By coming together, we can make an immediate impact and also inspire appreciation for these important places,” said Vitale, who organized the campaign.

Earlier this year, Conservation International reported increases in tropical deforestation and poaching due to COVID-19 restrictions. As economies and job markets suffer downturns, communities have turned to these practices out of a sheer necessity to survive.

“These trends make it ever the more important to protect nature – and communities -- now.  Our survival depends on it,” said Conservation International’s chief marketing officer Anastasia Khoo. The organization recently published research that shows curbing the destruction of nature is key to preventing pandemics. “We are fortunate to have Ami’s support, ingenuity and artistic talent in our corner and thank her and this community of photographers for this effort.”

The Prints for Nature initiative offers fine art photography at a discounted rate to give a wider audience the opportunity to appreciate inspiring images while giving back to the planet. The prints are crafted by the fine art studio of Paper & Ink, will be printed at 11x16 inches and now through Friday, November 27 will sell for a discounted rate of $250. After Black Friday, the price will rise to $275. The campaign ends December 10. For more information or to participate in the fundraiser visit

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