Conservation International releases statement on Samoa’s plans to manage 100% and protect 30% of ocean

October 16, 2020

Conservation International today released statements from CEO Dr. M. Sanjayan and Leilani Duffy-Iosefa, Country Director, Conservation International – Samoa, in response to Government of Samoa’s announcement of the Samoa Ocean Strategy, a strategic plan to fully manage their entire ocean area and protect 30 percent.

Dr. M. Sanjayan:

“Today Samoa is making history. This bold commitment values the role of oceans in the wellbeing of its people now and into the future. For generations, Samoa has recognized the Pacific Ocean as the source of its social and economic wellbeing, recreation, fishing, and as a deep spiritual connection with the rest of the world. 

“The Samoa Ocean Strategy delivers a comprehensive pathway to sustainable management of Samoa’s ocean and marine resources. It defines prioritized thematic areas that encompass the ecological, cultural and socioeconomic values that Samoans derive from their ocean.  Conservation International is proud to have supported the development of the Samoa Ocean Strategy and today, we have launched a five-year agreement with the Government of Samoa’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Waitt Foundation’s Blue Prosperity Coalition to further strengthen ocean conservation, marine spatial planning, sustainable fisheries management and the blue economy in Samoa. 

“I am also deeply grateful to the Government of Samoa for dedicating the Samoa Ocean Strategy to Sue Miller-Taei, the former Executive Director of Conservation International’s Pacific Islands program, and true ocean warrior. Sue championed large-scale marine conservation throughout the Pacific and was a driving force behind the Framework for the Pacific Oceanscape. 

“Today is a proud day not just for Samoans, for all Pacific Islanders, and for Conservation International. The Samoa Ocean Strategy is a beacon of hope for our oceans.”

Leilani Duffy-Iosefa:

“Samoa’s commitment to protect 30 percent will result in 36,000 km2 of fully protected ocean by 2025. This marks a significant increase from the 1 percent currently under protection under existing legislation.”

The Samoa Ocean Strategy represents a significant positive change in Samoa’s development pathway towards integrated sustainable-use and management of ocean resources. This strategy will secure the natural bounty of their waters and to value the role of nature in the future of Samoa.” 

For more information, contact: 

  • Leilani Duffy-Iosefa, Country Director, Conservation International Samoa  | mobile +685 75 92 992 |  
  • Emmeline Johansen, Communications Director, Asia Pacific Field Division, Conservation International | Mobile +64 4 277 793 401 | Email:   

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