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Conservation International Statement on the Signing of the Leticia Pact Framework at COP 25

December 11, 2019

Madrid, Spain (December 11, 2019) – Today Daniela Raik, Senior Vice President, Americas Field Division at Conservation International, issued the following statement on the signing of the Leticia Pact Framework by Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru at COP 25:

“Conservation International congratulates the governments of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru on signing the Leticia Pact Framework today in Madrid at the UNFCCC COP 25. The Framework defines specific areas of collaboration to improve conservation and sustainable management of the Amazon rainforest. Today, approximately 15 percent of the Amazon has already been lost. If more than 20 percent is destroyed, the Amazon will have crossed an irreversible tipping point that will result in massive suffering across the region and globally. Avoiding this tipping point cannot be accomplished by any single country alone. The regional coordination and collaboration envisioned by the Leticia Pact Framework is essential.

Conservation International also applauds the Leticia Pact Framework’s effort to support women and indigenous people in their efforts to conserve, maintain and sustainably manage their lands. We remain hopeful for the future of the Amazon. These local actions, combined with supportive government policy and aligned private investment, can keep the Amazon from the tipping point and avoid disastrous effects for climate, food production, biodiversity and people’s livelihoods.  

Conservation International has worked in the Amazon for over 30 years and is committed to continuing our partnerships with the governments, private sector, NGOs and indigenous people across the Amazon to prevent deforestation and to improve the livelihoods of local people. We stand by ready to continue to share our scientific knowledge and tools and to secure increased financing to allow our partners to deliver on the promise of the Leticia Pact.”

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