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Conservation International Chief Scientist Johan Rockström Urges Final Agreement on Carbon Trading Guidelines at COP 25 to Save Time for Climate Action

December 2, 2019

Madrid, Spain (December 2, 2019) – Today Conservation International Chief Scientist Johan Rockström issued a direct plea for action as the world gathers in Madrid for UNFCCC COP 25. Focusing on one of the Paris Agreement’s most critical provisions – and yet one that remains in need of clear guidance – Rockström called on negotiating parties to reach agreement or risk losing another year in our joint effort to preserve our planet in a manageable state for the future of all people and our long-term survival.

Speaking from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Rockström stressed, “We have reached a planetary emergency that requires immediate action to limit future warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. In order to meet this urgent goal, leaders at COP25 must establish clear agreement on article 6, which is designed to encourage cooperation and raise ambitions on meeting our global emissions reduction goals.”

Calling on those best able to achieve a successful outcome, Rockström said, “The government of Chile, as president of this year’s COP, and the EU are uniquely positioned to press for an agreement on Article 6, one of the most important issues facing COP. Parties must recognize that we have sufficient experience and guidelines to ensure carbon trading brings real and lasting benefits to the climate.  

“While a few technical accounting issues may warrant additional discussion, the EU should focus on addressing gaps, not issues that limit the potential of Article 6 to accelerate mitigation across all sectors. Delaying another year would perpetuate market uncertainty and discourage investments that are critical to limiting global temperature rise.”

Concluding, Rockström cautioned that, “There is no scenario in which 2020 is not a turning point for global emissions – and that means there is no scenario in which we can afford further delay on Article 6. The time is now for the ambitious, international cooperation envisioned by the Paris Agreement.”

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