Conservation International Statements on 2019 IPBES Global Report

May 6, 2019

Report details urgent need for nature ‘rescue plan’

Dr. M. Sanjayan:

“This is a moment of reckoning. Today we learned there are over a thousand holes in the web sustaining human life. This report underscores what Conservation International has long voiced: It’s not just about the annihilation of natural wonder. This is about human survival. Without the life-essential services nature provides — breathable air, drinkable water, healthy oceans, a stable climate — humans will not survive. This report is another warning that irreversible disaster is on the horizon. The good news is we have a clear timeline, nature is resilient and, given the chance, will recover. Governments, businesses, and communities have just never fully aligned to let nature recover at the scale required. Now in this window of borrowed time, in this near-final state of grace, we must collaborate to make the transformation.”

Dr. Lee Hannah:

“Climate breakdown and the annihilation of the natural world are connected. As this report shows, it’s deadly. Species are moving because of climate change, but where do they go? They’re running into forests burning from deforestation for human land use. The consequence is a massive die-off of insects and amphibians. Though the hour is late, there is still time to conserve natural habitats. The challenge is to do it as quickly as possible while accurately anticipating where. This is complicated because species are on the move due to climate change. But through the spatial planning for area conservation in response to climate change (SPARC), Conservation International has identified the right places. This report is sounding the alarm that we must establish conservation in those places right now.”

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