Conservation International Congratulates the People and Government of Peru on the Establishment of Yaguas National Park

January 12, 2018

Through partnerships with the Instituto del Bien Común (IBC), Zoological Society of Frankfurt (ZSC) and the Peruvian National Protected Area Services (SERNANP), Conservation International has supported efforts to monitor and protect this area of the Peruvian Amazonia.

“Conservation International deeply appreciates the clear vision and tenacious efforts of all the organizations involved in the creation of Yaguas National Park,” said Luis Espinel, Vice President of Conservation International-Peru. “The new park will conserve immense biodiversity, and help preserve the health and well-being of the communities who call this landscape home.”

For 30 years, several communities living in the Loreto region near Yaguas, including six indigenous tribes and three indigenous advocacy organizations, have worked to achieve park status for this area, which they consider sacred and fundamental to their well-being.

The establishment of Yaguas National Park will protect a vast and intact Amazonian region, containing ecosystems, species and populations very different from those represented in other Peruvian protected areas. The park, for example, contains the largest diversity of freshwater fish in Peru, with an estimated 550 species.

More information about Conservation International’s work in the Peruvian Amazonia can be found on its blog, Human Nature.

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