Conservation International’s Statement on US DOI Recommendation to Allow Fishing in Two Pacific Marine National Monuments

December 7, 2017

The recommendation put forward by the Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke fails to properly care for and manage these irreplaceable ocean resources. Allowing fishing in these protected waters would undermine their core purpose and complicate enforcement, making them more vulnerable to illegal fishing and setting a troubling precedent for similar areas around the world.

>Among other impacts, weakening protections for U.S. marine national monuments in the Pacific could damage the extraordinary biodiversity of underwater seamounts and threaten the integrity of spawning grounds that are essential for the replenishment of fish stocks that U.S. fishing communities and consumers rely on.

The world has made historic progress in ocean protection. Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Chile and the Cook Islands have all recently made major commitments as part of this global effort. These countries understand that healthy oceans — sustained by fully-protected marine reserves — are critical for long-term economic growth and food security.

Conservation International urges President Trump to reject these recommendations and fulfill America’s commitment to Pacific conservation.

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