Offset Your Summer Plans and Protect Forests with New Carbon Calculator

July 27, 2017

New Tool Allows Consumers to Offset the Carbon Footprint of their Vacation, Lifestyle and Life Events

The carbon calculator is the first of its kind to connect users directly to the carbon market to purchase offsets that will help protect forests.

The world’s forests currently store more carbon than is in the entire atmosphere. Yet deforestation continues to contribute 11% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions — more than all passenger cars combined. Through the purchase of carbon offsets via the calculator, users can help stop deforestation and fight climate change in places like Chyulu Hills, Kenya, the Ambositra-Vondrozo Forest Corridor, Madagascar, and Alto Mayo, Peru, while supporting local communities whose livelihoods depend on nature.

“The future of climate action rests on all of us and the choices we make,” says Conservation International’s climate lead Shyla Raghav. “Conservation International’s carbon calculator was redesigned based on user feedback to more accurately measure impact and to engage users more directly in being part of the solution by investing in the protection of critical forests around the world.”

As part of the launch of the carbon calculator, Conservation International announced the sale of 2 million carbon credits in Chyulu Hills