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EditImage Description:Beautiful farm on the edge of the Alto Mayo Protected Forest. San Martin, Peru
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United Airlines offers their customers the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions from their flight through Conservation International’s carbon calculator. This enables United Airlines customers to purchase high-quality verified emission reductions to help offset their air travel.​

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    Solving climate change requires reducing carbon emissions. When you offset your footprint, you neutralize your emissions by protecting forests that absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

    Protecting forests and other natural ecosystems is one of the fastest and most effective ways to curb global climate change. That’s why Conservation International is working to save critical forests around the world. By investing in forest offsets, you help to protect forests from being cleared, while supporting critical habitat for threatened species and the communities that care for and depend on forests.

    Offset your air travel

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    Through the years

    Conservation International and United have worked together since 1998 on efforts to bring attention to conservation issues. United is also a member of Conservation International’s Business & Sustainability Council, a community of companies committed to leveraging their business experiences and resources to protect nature for the benefit of humanity.

    On Earth Day 2011, CI and United Airlines partnered around a promotion through which United donated $1 to CI for every passenger who used United’s mobile boarding pass feature. United Airlines featured video and print PSAs aboard their flights in 2003, 2009 and 2010. In 2009, Harrison Ford wrote the first-person Voices column in United's onboard magazine to share his commitment to preventing deforestation and encouraging fliers to protect an acre.

    For more information about United and the United Eco-Skies program, please visit ​

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