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EditPhoto Title:Partnership with Monsanto
EditPhoto Description:Improving agricultural production and protecting biodiversity
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EditImage Description:Reforestation project at the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park in Java Island, Indonesia. Local Farmer plants crops near the Gunung. Behind him is the National Park where new trees are being planted.
EditPhoto Credit:© Jessica Scranton
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In 2006, CI began conversations with agricultural company Monsanto — urging them to do more to protect the biodiversity in farming regions around the world.

Monsanto took up the challenge and created their “Produce More. Conserve More. Improve Farmers’ Lives.” strategy. We established our partnership in 2008 to test the theory behind this strategy by developing best practices along the company’s supply chain, and to implement concrete conservation actions Brazil’s Cerrado and Atlantic Forest regions.

Building on this collaboration in Brazil, we are currently working together to develop a global partnership to implement sustainable farming practices in key geographies. This integrated approach to sustainability seeks to: protect natural capital (biodiversity and ecosystem benefits); establish agricultural best practices; use innovative technologies to improve farmers’ lives; and, increase agricultural productivity and resiliency in the face of climate change.

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    Edit Item Text:Our first five-year partnership concluded in 2013 with many successes, including supporting the creation of the Cerrado Mosaic of Protected areas, a mix of public and private protected areas covering two million hectares (4.9 million acres). The five-year program also helped to prevent illegal deforestation and the local extinction of species; encouraged farmer compliance with environmental regulations such as the Forest Code; and supported creation of four new protected areas in the Atlantic Forest totaling 32,000 hectares (79,000 acres). A new collaboration is underway to scale up the concept of a Sustainable Agriculture Landscape, which will involve a range of stakeholders — including producers, government and agribusiness — working together on sustainability challenges and opportunities in Brazil.
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    Edit Item Text:In 2013, we began a new three year, $1.2 million project with Monsanto in Indonesia to: improve corn production with commercial and smallholder producers; identify and protect critical forests and other areas in the landscape that provide ecosystem services such as freshwater flows and habitat for pollinators; and improve the incomes of farmers and farming communities.
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    EditImage Alt Text:Seedlings in Rio state, Brazil
    EditTitle:By the numbers
    EditText:Piloted innovative technologies — such as using a machine built to plant corn in order to plant tree seedlings — to restore 10,000 hectares (24,700 acres) in Brazil, which are critical for water production.
    EditPhoto Credit:© Conservation International/photo by Kim McCabe
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      EditImage Alt Text:Night falls over Rio de Janeiro. � Nikada

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      EditTitle:Science and Innovation
      EditImage Alt Text:Scientists set a camera trap. � Benjamin Drummond

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      EditTitle:The Ocean
      EditImage Alt Text:Coral reef in Viti Levu, Fiji, Oceania. � William Crosse