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Givaudan and CI have been working together since 2007 through three grant agreements to conserve the Caura Basin of Venezuela and improve the collection and commercialization of non-timber forest products​​.

Givaudan and CI's Conservation Stewards Program (CSP) are using conservation agreements to ensure forest conservation and support local livelihoods. The 64 families of the Aripao community have committed to control hunting and illegal hunting in exchange for patrolling wages, equipment and training and better access to markets for non-timber forest products such as the tonka bean and copaiba oil. The conservation agreement has promoted community-based action to protect biodiversity and strengthened the link between local tonka collectors and international buyers, while enhancing the quality of life of the Aripao community.

Under the new agreement signed in 2012, the initial project area of 88,000 hectares (more than 217,000 acres) will expand to 148,000 hectares (almost 366,000 acres), and the partners will engage at least two additional indigenous communities and provide income opportunities for at least 40 additional families.

Based in Switzerland, Givaudan is a leading company in the fragrance and flavor industry. For more information on Givaudan, please visit www.givaudan.com.


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