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Zynga, the maker of the popular social network game FarmVille, is teaming up with Conservation International to help protect the nature that people around the world rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods. FarmVille lets players cultivate simulated farms by plowing land and planting, growing and harvesting a variety of crops and trees. In the new Africa-based expansion, Savannah Safari, players collect soil and water samples to help restore the Savannah to its former glory. Beginning July 27, 2015, when players purchase early access to the expansion or buy trees, animals or treasures in the game with Farm Bucks, Zynga will donate 70% of the proceeds to CI—up to US$ 500,000. These purchases will help support our work in places like the semi-arid savannah of Namaqualand, South Africa—where CI is improving livestock grazing and freshwater management—and our programs like Vital Signs, which provides near real-time data and diagnostic tools to guide agricultural development that is sustainable for people and nature.

Beginning on August 10, World Lion Day, purchases of a new lion character in Savannah Safari will go to Conservation International's work to end the illegal wildlife trade and protect nature across Africa.

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