Statement on French Proposal to Include Forestry Projects in the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)


Poznań, Poland � "The government of France is again demonstrating its commitment to lead the global community in aggressively tackling climate change with their proposal to include forestry projects in the EU ETS," said Dr. Fred Boltz, Vice-President of Conservation International. "The EU has been a leader in developing policies and markets to mitigate climate change. This would be an important step in moving dialogue about forest-based solutions to real economic incentives and actions. Without forests in the solution, it will be impossible to avoid increases in atmospheric CO2 concentration that will put the Earth in jeopardy of catastrophic climate impacts. This is not merely about forests; it is about people. Climate change and conservation are human issues requiring urgent solutions. Under commitments by governments, donors, indigenous peoples and local communities, and NGOs to reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD), we have an opportunity to help resolve the economic and social inequities that are leading to massive deforestation, vulnerable local communities, poverty, biodiversity extinction, and climate change. We hope the rest of the world will follow France's ambitious effort to address the magnitude and complexity of the climate challenge. Our generation must take such bold, visionary actions." (En Fran�ais)

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