Wildlife Images Raise Funds for Conservation Efforts


A Sample of Conservation International's Best Footage

Washington, DC - Conservation International (CI) is releasing a CD-ROM with footage to be distributed as a sample of what the organization has to offer to the video and television industry. The 10-minute CD, containing breathtaking images, will be launched at the prestigious Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, in Wyoming, on September 28.

From big mammals to singular flowering plants, the CD brings to life the beauty of our planet's biodiversity, with images of endangered species and a variety of ecosystems. Shots of primates, big cats, reptiles, amphibians, and insects are some of the many available at CI's stock footage library, which has over 500 hours worth of broadcast-quality video, filmed primarily by CI's Vice-President for International Communications and award-winning director, Haroldo Castro.

This unique tool also illustrates the best and worst of human impact on nature. With colorful images of indigenous groups from the Americas, Africa, and Asia, the CD includes traditional rituals, dances, music, food, and crafts from around the world. Shocking scenes of logging, forest fires, illegal hunting, wildlife trade, destructive agriculture, and pollution, are among the many images of environmental destruction. These alarming threats to Earth's living natural heritage are CI's main focus and the reason for the institution's strategic approach to conservation.

The most important aspect of the CD-ROM is the potential for further funding of conservation awareness projects. "Each footage sale equals conservation dollars and all funds are reinvested into our campaigns and awareness strategies," says Haroldo Castro. "The producers who buy footage from CI know that they are contributing directly to conservation."

" We Film Them to Save Them," is the slogan of the initiative, which hopes to reach producers in need of nature-related footage, at a reasonable price. CI's images have been featured in major media outlets, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC, APTV, National Geographic Television, Animal Planet, Disney and several foreign networks.

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