December 8, 2009
As an economist at Conservation International (CI), Dr. Jonah Busch has recently spent a lot of time in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana. His fondness for the city is evident in his description. “Flamboyant trees and charming old wooden buildings. Vegetable markets on streets alongside open drainage canals. The city sits a meter below sea level, with only a centuries-old seawall holding back the Atlantic Ocean. And just south of town, a rainforest that stretches unbroken for hundreds of miles.”
November 15, 2008
​CI’s Guyana Conservation Officers not only work with local communities to protect the forest, they help to make the case that a thriving forest and abundant rivers are bountiful treasure that provide both economic opportunity and the physical needs of life.
May 17, 2008
Saving biodiversity is a complex business. But sometimes, conservation solutions are beautifully simple. Take the "conservation concession," an approach pioneered by CI with the government of Guyana. Instead of leasing the land to a logging company, Guyana is leasing 200,000 acres (81,000 hectares) to CI for conservation.
August 9, 2006
To protect the forest and their culture from the threats of poaching, logging, and mining, the Wai Wai took a bold step, approaching the Government of Guyana to request title to their land. After lengthy discussions, the Government of Guyana agreed, granting the Wai Wai title to about 2,400 square miles of their traditional land. The next step was to develop a successful community-led land management plan.