CI Guyana
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Conservation International is nonprofit environmental organization with a mission to protect nature and its biodiversity for the benefit of humanity. Formed in 1987, and based in Arlington Virginia, Conservation International today works in more than 30 countries and with over 1000 partners, ranging from Governments to indigenous groups, multinational corporations, community leaders and international intergovernmental organizations.​

Conservation International Guyana in partnership with all key stakeholders and using ecosystem-based resource management approaches and models, Conservation International Guyana informs and assists the shaping of policy and institutional change at all levels to ensure a healthy sustainable economy, through the adoption of a country-wide long-term sustainable development model which fully incorporates the value and resultant human well-being benefits pro​vided by Guyana's natural ecosystems - our natural capital - Natural capital is the land, air, water, living organisms and all foundations of the Earth's biosphere that provide us with ecosystem goods and services imperative for survival and well-being. Furthermore, it is the basis for all human economic activity.